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Posted by sutzen - March 7th, 2021


Posted by sutzen - August 14th, 2020

back to animating when???????????????????????????????????????????

Posted by sutzen - February 15th, 2020

Ayy sup people, it's been a while since i checked newgrounds. So I decided to check it out today, how are y'all doin?

I don't really have any good or bad news. Well, maybe i do, my hamster died but hey, nothing lasts forever. I recently joined Exyl's discord server (I recommend you to watch Ping! by Exyl) and I've met really nice people that can actually cheer me up. So, I'm feeling much better now.

And that's like all i have to say lol, cya m'dudes.

Posted by sutzen - January 23rd, 2020

i'll have a uhhhhh B O N E L E S S pizza with a uhhhh 2 liter of cok


Posted by sutzen - December 16th, 2019

It's 16.12.2019 which means it's a whole year of my animation career. You may think it's a bit soon, but it has reasons, one of them is that i am not able to move on with me being lazy and demotivated.

I met really nice people along the way, including @Apex and @StHeromax. Without these two, i wouldn't be where i am now, i also got the chance to talk to Djjaner, which is an honor because he's been always the guy i've been looking up to.

I had a movie and a game in progress, but my files got lost so i couldn't get the chance to finish them so please forgive me. My server (https://discord.gg/t3zTds9) will still be available for my fans and animators. Thank you all, i wouldn't be here without you.


Posted by sutzen - October 4th, 2019

Happy Spooctober everybuds!


It's spooky October once again, i'm really excited to see some of the best animations, art, music and games this year.

And because i have nothing to say, i'll just ask, do ya already have pumpkins decorating your house? I don't but i will

i guess.

Also i'm getting closer to becoming a one year animator. It's been a fun ride, got a lot of support from the start.

From a simple hank animation, to what i am now. A big thank you to my biggest supporters including StHeromax and Apex. I wouldn't be here because of them so please show them some big support. The Realistic Collab is still going and we're waiting for people to do their parts still, we're workin hard! 2 months to go.


Posted by sutzen - September 22nd, 2019

Happy Madness Day everyone!

Sadly, i didn't animate anything for this day and the collab would take fuck-long. But still thank you for your support and don't forget to support other Madness Day animations.

Our collab consist of only 1 finished clip so please be patient, give our members some time.


Posted by sutzen - September 12th, 2019

Hai, so i got this idea of a collab, a Realistic Collab!

Realistic Collab Means:

  • Agents have good aim
  • Grunts have more and improved fighting abilities
  • ATP Engineers are really strong and are almost impossible to beat
  • ATP Soldats are really really strong and probably impossible to kill


  • Use your oc only
  • Your OC HAS to die because the A.A.H.W are stronger, if your oc doesn't die in your part, your part will not be shown.
  • Your oc can beat ATP Soldats and Engineers but probably will fail because as said, they are almost impossibru to beat.
  • No limit of frames
  • No enemy limit
  • Deadline 24.12.2019
  • No porn scenes
  • Memes are not allowed
  • Always give credit to sprite makers and sound makers.
  • If you wanna join, DM me here or on Discord (pancake.#2292)



Posted by sutzen - September 9th, 2019

My dog has died, and it hit me really hard. I will never forget you my lil' doggie, i won't stop thinking about our beautiful moments in life. I hope you are resting in a better place now, with no pain. You were my greatest dog that i could ever have, you were my everything. A big thank you to all of those who cared about me and her.. I appreciate your support.

If you have something for her, just send it to me in Discord, she will be really happy. <3


Posted by sutzen - September 8th, 2019

It's September 9th which means the final day of my dying dog. She can't move anymore, all she can do is lie on her lite bed. She is 17 today, waiting for heaven, where she deserves to be. I got her when i was really young, she grew up with me and i loved her so much, i still do. I can't sleep at night because i always think about her. She was a great playful dog and now that i see her slowly dying, i just can't stop crying. I don't want her to die, i don't want to say goodbye yet.. I'm really sorry if i'll not be online on Newgrounds for a while. I just have to get over my depression.